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At the end of the Paleozoic era the whole of Central Europe begins to sink. Naturally, our Hungarian homeland is part of this process. In the new geological circumstances the hill masses of the Paleozoic era sink ever lower until they reach rock bottom, at which point the sedimental sea inundates and covers them. As the sinking continues the territory of Hungary becomes the northwestern basin of that part of the sea that covers Southern Europe.

Satantango, p. 49

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Can genesis be thought in this mummied landscape? Can we place ourselves parallel to Nietzsche, in a long decline, a long descent, at the end of the longest error? This topology denies it; genesis can only come from beyond the prisoner, as he watches the shadows pass over the cave; only when the higher man wills does the violence of a telos, an arche, dragging the blinded prisoner towards the heights, become possible.

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All the ideas that philosophers have treated for thousands of years have been mummied concepts; nothing real has ever come out of their hands alive. These idolaters of concepts merely kill and stuff things when they worship – they threaten the life of everything they adore.

The Twilight of the Idols p. 17

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